The Language of the Heart


The Language of the Heart


A call for submissions from poets
living in North America and writing in Hebrew

Prof. Edna Aphek and Ktav Publishing House, Israel invite poets who live in the US and Canada to submit their poems written in Hebrew to a poetry contest entitled "The Language of the Heart." Winning submissions will be collected in an anthology to be published by Ktav.

Writing in Hebrew in general, and writing poetry in Hebrew in particular, is not limited to Israelis only. Hebrew speakers, Israelis or non-Israelis living outside Israel also write poetry in the language that connects the various segments of the Jewish people to their common past.

Ktav Publishing House Israel and Prof. Edna Aphek have taken upon themselves to build the connecting bridge by publishing an anthology of poems currently written in Hebrew in the US and Canada.

Poets living in North America and writing in Hebrew are invited to submit up to three poems for consideration. The poems chosen will appear in an anthology published by Ktav Publishing House, Israel.

Guidelines and further information:

* Entry fee: Reading fee--$4 for one poem, $10 for three poems
* Poems will be read anonymously by a board of judges
* Poems judged the best will be uploaded to the contest website and rated by the site visitors
* 120 poems rated the best will be published.
* Poets whose poems are chosen for publication will be asked to pay $60 for each poem
* A poet whose poems appear in the anthology will receive two copies of the anthology.

Only poems that have not been published in the past and for which the poet owns the copyright should be submitted.



שם היצירה שפה ת. הוצאה תאור גרסה למכירה מס' קטלוגי  


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