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Author: Moshe Menasheof

ISBN: 978-965-7506-97-4

Year of Publication: 2019


Four Essays:
On Perception, On Memory, On Sleep, and On Dreaming

The book is written from a basic philosophical viewpoint whereby man is the creator of worlds in his consciousness. The book presents a comprehensive theory explaining the topics of the four essays: On Perception, On Memory, On Sleep, and On Dreaming. Menasheof coins his own unique language in this book in order to explain various issues in the realm of human consciousness. This language is simple and comprehensible, although significant effort went into its formation and into every letter and word it contains. This language aims to explain the phenomena of experience, memory, sleep, and dreaming, and also the philosophical issues related to them. One of the guiding principles woven throughout the various essays is functioning – we perceive, remember, sleep, and dream in a way that suits and serves our functioning. Despite the book’s simple and accessible approach, it delves into the depths of human consciousness.

Dreaming and Memory | Moshe Menasheof

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